Stigma Fighters

Are you Uncomfortable?

You’ve read my previous entry…you know what I am going through. Does this make you uncomfortable? If so, why? Is it because our society still teaches us that any psychiatric illness is not okay? Is it because we were raised to be afraid of someone who needs pills to regulate themselves?

Whatever it is…get over it.

It is 2014 and I don’t want my daughter to grow up thinking less of someone just because he/she needs medication and a therapist to have a good life. Don’t we all deserve a good life?

Everyone deserves to be happy, or as happy as possible. Not perfect…there is no perfect. But happy enough and good enough.

Don’t ignore your friend, acquaintance, family member who is having a hard time. I am still the same person, whether I am depressed or not. I am still in here. It’s important to remember that. If you shy away, ask yourself why. What makes you so uncomfortable around me right now? Is it because my affect is a bit flat and I am not so smiley? Is it because you feel you know too much?

If someone shares with you, that is a gift and a privilege. Respect that.

I am lucky to have amazing friends who have been wonderful…they don’t treat me differently and they are just there for me.

So check yourself…are you uncomfortable?