Changed Plans

Sometimes our best made plans do not go as planned. I was supposed to see my fertility doc today to get answers but on my way I received a call from my daughter’s school that she had thrown up. My husband has a very busy day at work today so I turned around and went to get my daughter. Luckily I was able to reschedule my appointment for tomorrow.
I am thankful that she is okay, just an allergic reaction to a new food this morning. She has egg and milk allergies and now I am guilty of poor label reading. I looked at the package of the soy sausage and it clearly states “egg whites.” I feel horrible. You can’t see it in this picture, but she has hives all over her. Great job, mom! It is difficult to parent a child with allergies and you are always on your guard. Apparently, I was not on my guard yesterday when I bought this food item.

So, this is all not about me, my fertility woes…it is about this wondrous child I already have who counts on me and needs me.

I am truly lucky.

2 replies on “Changed Plans”

Oh gosh I do see all the hives, poor girl! My nieces have allergies also and it definitely makes things a little more difficult.Wishing you luck on your appointment tomorrow!


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