Sometimes it Feels Good to take a Risk

Every day we take risks…that is what life is all about. I think we should take more risks, though. For example, this past weekend I participated in a storytelling event called Speak Up in Hartford. I sent a pitch of a story (theme was “bad romance”) and it was accepted. I then wrote up a script and got in front of about 100 people and told my story (only 6 minutes). 
This was a risk, but at the same time, it wasn’t. I enjoy speaking in front of groups and am comfortable doing so. The issue was that I am still suffering from depression and that made me anxious about speaking in front of a group. What if they noticed my shaking hands (from medication)? What if they noticed that my mouth was very dry (from medication)? Even though I beat up on myself the next day, thinking I did not do well, I am now able to feel good about it. I took a risk at a not so great time in my life and I got through it. 
Sometimes we have to step outside of our comfort zones and stir things up. This was especially important for me since I have felt rather static these past few months. This gave me focus and responsibility. I knew it was worth it when I looked at my husband as I finished and he gave me a huge grin…he was proud of me. I thought my heart would explode, as I felt it emanating from him. This risk was worth it as my self-esteem was raised as a result and my love for my husband grew even more.
Why don’t women take more risks? I do mean “safe” risks, not daredevil kind of risks. I think we get so stuck in our own heads, it is difficult to stray, especially as we get older. If you have children, then that takes away so much of our “free” time, when could we do something “out of the box?” 
We need to take time out for ourselves, do something to surprise people, but mostly to surprise ourselves. I felt free after I told my story the other night and it was a good feeling. I did something that was a bit outside of my realm and I lived through it. The best part of taking a risk is the great feeling you get for putting yourself “out there.” I think this is imperative in terms of personal growth.  It also reminds me not to waste time on the small things. I don’t want to expend time on the minutiae of life that, in the end, really does not matter.
So, get out there and do something exciting or fun or just meaningful to you. One option that is very hot right now is a boudoir photo shoot. This is one idea to really put yourself out there and be in the moment. Do something that makes you happy and challenges you, in mind and body. And, yes, I may know about the boudoir photo shoot from experience.

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