Letter to my Therapist

I had this weird feeling that I was cheating on you. I walked into the office and checked in with the receptionist. I was directed to a waiting room. As I sat in this room, all I could think was how surreal it all felt. What if I don’t like him? What if I do like him?

He came and introduced himself and walked me to his office. I sat down across from him and we began. He asked me for my story. I told him about my childhood, college years and my history with depression. We went over all of the medication trials and the success of the ECT. He was laid back, funny and a good listener. I became more comfortable as the time went on. I was able to focus on the task at hand. I need a psychiatrist to monitor my medications who is local. Period. His role is not as therapist, that’s still your role and I am grateful. This was your choice and I followed through.

It feels monumental, in some way, as if this is part of my progress. Life goes on and I am moving forward. He is just another member of my team but you are still the captain.

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