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Barbara-I am so sorry to hear about your suffering. I am also sorry that the ECT did not work. I had difficulty with the waiting aspect of ECT as each treatment builds on each other. I am still working hard in therapy and taking my meds. I also just started a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction group which is phenomenal and is helping me to stay in the moment and not to self-criticize. I wish you well and hope you get some relief soon. I will be thinking of you.All the best,Risa


Dear Risa,I found your site on Facebook. I am in awe of your candor and openness in sharing your positive experience with ECT. My you go from strength to strength as you continue to recover from this terrible and oppressive illness.ECT was a failure for me. I had six treatments. When I continued to tell the doctor that I felt no improvement, he cut me off and i went home from the hospital. Three weeks later, I am still very depressed.I felt crushing disappointment, particularly because the hospital staff kept assuring me that I would would feel better. As I remember every detail of every treatment, i constantly relive the treatments, looking for a kernel of hope.I am now in an intensive outpatient program that teaches cognitive techniques that help one cope with painful emotions. I am trying to reach \”radical acceptance\” of the reality that nothing has helped me so far. I also asked my rabbi to help me look for spiritual paths to healing.I think it is important that you wrote about ECT, so that others who are suffering will know that the treatments are painless and totally doable. I just wanted to add my own caveat that, sadly, it doesn't work for everyone.Barbara Checknoff


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