A Message for My Nephew Before He Goes to College

Dear J,

While I am asking myself, how could this be happening? (with tears in my eyes), I know you are saying, YES!!!

Well, you have done it! You made it through, what is for many people, the most stressful four years of their lives. I do not know how to express how proud I am of you. You are one of the hardest working people I know. I don’t know anyone who attacks each assignment, whether in school or in life, with such energy and with such strength.

Your summer will be yours to live, laugh, have fun and be a role model for your campers. When the summer ends you will embark on an entirely new adventure in an entirely new environment.

My Advice: SOAK IT ALL IN!! From the moment you walk into campus, soak in it. Look around, take a breath, notice the people, notice the other students who probably look just as overwhelmed as you may be. Look at the buildings, even notice your parents. This moment will never be re-produced for you and it is monumental. Beginning college life has so many branches but this first moment, I think, is the most meaningful. You get to separate from your parents in a way you never have before and while that can be sad and overwhelming, it is also, simply, fucking awesome. This is your time. Take it. Make good choices. Use it. Breathe it in.

I love you so very much,
Auntie Risa

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