Sunshine Award

Kasey, from StupidBrokenEggs, nominated me for a Sunshine Award! How lovely! Here are the answers to her questions:

My 10 Questions-
1)You could choose any 1 person to spend a day with – dead or alive- who do you chose? What do you do? 
Well, hands down it would be Barbra Streisand. I love her! That is second, of course, to my hubby and daughter!

2)What is your most cherished memory? 
Probably sitting at the kitchen table at my Nana and Papa’s house peeling and eating oranges with my Nana.
3)If you win the mega millions do you still work as well? 
Definitely, but maybe part-time.

4)Are you where you thought you would be 5 years ago? 
I never think that way: to wonder where I will be in the future so I just try to be happy in the present.
5)If you had a chance to redo one thing in your life without it effecting how anything else in your life turned out- would you?
Yes. I would have been more open with friends when I was going through a crazy adolescence.

6)Do you enjoy cooking for others more or having someone cook for you?
I do enjoy cooking but having someone else do it for me is always better!
7) Do you have a go to travel spot? Some place that you have or wished to visit more than once? 
I wish I could get back to Israel. I was there once in college and it is such an amazing place of history.
8) If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? 
Two answers: One home in New England, one in New York City and one in France…obviously I would need to win a large lottery first!
9)If you could redo school would you? Would you study something different or just study more? 
Probably study more…go for my Ph.D.
10)What or who makes you smile the most? 
My 3 1/2 year old daughter for sure!

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