I am Present

I hear the birds. I smell spring. I see flowers growing, blooming. I feel the wind rush through my hair. I am here. I am present. In this moment I am sweating after a long walk. On this walk, I cleared my mind and focused on the music in my ears. When lost in thought, I returned to the moment and focused again on the music.

I think of the day, the week, the past month. Change. Change is good. Change is difficult. Change is scary. I’ve passed the dividing line and now my life is real. I will hold on and brace myself while also taking deep breaths and feel the calm. The calm is new. The calm is good. The calm is scary.

I will practice this daily. I will focus. I will become acquainted with myself. I will start anew. I will learn…one moment at a time.

I am here. I am present. I am aware. I am in my life.

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